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01.Speciality Coffee Sourcing

Our team sources parcels of green beans from farms and co-operatives working sustainably around the world. Our business coffee is ‘speciality’ grade, which means the farmers are paid a fair-price for their crop, the coffee will meet stringent quality standards, and it will score at least 80 points/100 when taste-tested by an expert Q-Grader accredited by the Speciality Coffee Association.

amamus is proud to be a member of the Speciality Coffee Association whose aim is to raise standards of coffee worldwide through a collaborative and progressive, sustainable and fair approach. Receive your coffee quote today, contact us >>

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02.Hand Roasting

The amamus collaborative includes our network of the UK’s most exciting and experienced artisan roasters – whose sole purpose everyday is to create the most aromatic, flavourful and delicious business coffee. Our extended team of expert roasters are selected for their talent, expertise and a shared determination to build our client base by providing outstanding coffee and service.

Our team roast by hand using gas-fired speciality coffee roasters between 5kg and 25kg capacity. Small scale production allows the individual to carefully adapt each roast profile to suit the humidity, ambient temperature and the characteristics of the bean. This artisanal approach takes longer than in a factory, but results in a vastly improved taste. Receive your coffee quote today, contact us >>

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03.Perfectly Served

You can’t just rely on good quality beans for a great cup of business coffee. Your method of ‘coffee extraction’ is vital for a good cup.

The new breed of ‘super-automatic’ bean-to-cup machines provide ‘barista quality’ coffee consistently at the touch of a button – no need for involved staff training.

The latest temperature-controlled filter machines are able to unlock the subtle flavours and nuances from single varietal or single estate coffees.

Our service extends beyond dispense from the machine. We work hard to find cups and carafes that look as good as your coffee tastes. We are the exclusive UK distributor for a beautiful range of United States-sourced double-walled glassware that really creates the ‘perfect serve’. Receive your coffee quote today, contact us >>

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04. Storytelling

We speak the language of our clients and we put their needs first – we’re not production led. We create unique business coffee products, packaged under our client’s own branding – which allows us to build useful stories in support of their brand and business objectives.

A bespoke coffee can build integrity into your own brand narrative – dramatic, mountainous growing regions, sustainable farming practices, hand roasting locally, plastic free packaging, 100% compostable waste, elegant brewing, barista-quality bean-to-cup… We package this all for you to improve your business. Receive your coffee quote today, contact us >>

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