Which is the best business coffee solution for your workplace?

Business coffee solutions from amamus

Choosing the right business coffee solution can seem like hard work; how do you choose the correct coffee solution and keep everyone happy? Believe it or not, having the correct business coffee solution in place at your office does make a positive difference, which will contribute to a more successful working environment. 

In this article, we explore the various business coffee options that amamus offer  and how our bespoke approach will improve the quality of your coffee whilst removing the hassle. 

Why is bespoke best? 

The first thing is to understand why your business requires a bespoke coffee solution as opposed to an ‘off the shelf’ solution. In our experience, people find the following hurdles when considering coffee. 

  • Not knowing which machine to choose – with so many on the market, this can seem like a tricky choice, coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes (and price points), so can seem impossible to know where to start your search, and you, therefore, end up opting for an unsuitable model for your needs.  Because we continually invest in our knowledge our advice can make this part easy.  We clearly explain your options and can even offer you a trial of any of our machines. 
  • The most appropriate taste profile – you may be completely new to the coffee market, so how on earth do you know what the preferred taste profiles of your staff and clients are? We will soon figure this out, don’t you worry 
  • Choosing the coffee – this isn’t as hard as it sounds, and to an extent will be determined by the machine you choose as well. We have a number of trial packs you can taste, which will help us understand your preferences. 
  • How to create impact with your coffee – we listen and look at your office dynamics and consider your operational resources.  We have a range of exciting serve materials that we have carefully sourced to create a point of difference in your office

The bespoke coffee solution

Gone are the days where it’s acceptable to just pick up ‘any old instant coffee’ from your local supermarket. By offering a premium coffee you are able to communicate the value you place on the experience your business provides to its clients and employees. 

By opting for a tailored office coffee solution, you can refine your coffee at every stage, from deciding on the optimum ‘bean to cup’ machine, to the taste and aroma offered by your coffee and choose how it’s served.  

Pros and cons of a bespoke coffee solution


  • It gives you the opportunity to create a signature coffee blend that is unique to your business and its principals. 
  • You’ll have access to a huge range of coffee beans from all around the world, roasted specifically for you 
  • Our focused account managers will deliver just the right amount of your coffee when you need it, so there’s no chance of it running low.  Nor your coffee going stale
  • We provide full support with your machines, so you can rest easy knowing the perfect cup of coffee will be available to you, your clients and staff whenever it’s required. (we know that’s pretty important to you!) 


  • Bespoke coffee is roasted and packed just for you so it may cost a little more than an ‘off-the-shelf’ coffee solution 
  • The process of creating your bespoke coffee does require a short period of input from you or the people you trust (but is definitely worth it!) 

Is a business coffee solution only for large corporate businesses? 

Most definitely not, in fact, we have clients from both ends of the spectrum. Whether you have 2000 staff members and countless visitors everyday, or a small office of just 20, we will create the perfect coffee solution for you. 

You can learn more about our bespoke business coffee here and see how it works >> 

Packages to suit all businesses 

We’ve bundled a number of packages to provide some pricing clarity, all of which include amazing coffee that’s ethically sourced and ticks all the boxes for great taste.  We offer 4 different options for smaller offices but all can be super-sized for the larger office. Here’s a bit of a breakdown… 

Coffee only (filter or bean to cup) 

If you are sorted with either your own bean-to-cup machine or filter machine, and just want to know what the fuss is about Speciality coffee then our ‘coffee only’ packages could be the perfect choice for you. Choose from either the espresso trial pack or the trial filter pack and  you’ll receive a range of different regional flavours to test-drive. Our 3 x 500g taster packs make around 100 coffees, that’s around £0.39 per coffee (what a bargain!). This is a great starter pack before delving into a fully bespoke solution. 

The batch filter starter kit

The batch filter kit will completely transform your coffee offering in the office, and trust us, you won’t look back! It provides you with all the hardware you need to get started, including an amazing coffee machine, plenty of coffee to keep you going, and even the serving equipment to compliment your coffee too! 

The bean to cup starter kit

Into your technology and really want to provide your staff and clients with ‘the best’ coffee experience? Then our bean to cup kit is probably the one for you. Packed full of everything you’ll need, this kit will fill your office with the smell of freshly ground espresso and blends perfectly with frothed milk at the touch of a button.

You can order one of our speciality coffee packages here by filling in a quick form or by calling us on 0330 133 0281

Benefits of our ‘Taster’ coffee solution

  • You’ll get your coffee pretty quickly (speak to our team about your specific delivery timeframe when ordering)
  • Our starter kits are available and designed to provide an illustration of all you will need.  But you are free to customise to suit your requirements 
  • Your coffee will still arrive in compostable sustainable packaging, so you know you’re doing your part for the environment 
  • You can quickly and easily reorder any of the elements included in your package when you get close to running out 

Ready for great tasting coffee?

You can order a business coffee package by visiting our dedicated page here or by getting in contact with our speciality coffee experts to discuss your bespoke business coffee solution. We’ll be more than happy to hop over to your office to discuss your requirements and get the ball rolling. 

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