What happens before and after you drink your coffee?

Sustainable coffee podcast

Like me, you probably enjoy a cup of coffee each morning.

But are you interested in the story before and after the cup you drink?

I love the taste of coffee but the ‘before’ is where life got really interesting for me and jumped me out of my ‘job’. Now the ‘after’ is also amazing.

Here’s a podcast from Will Richardson that features Roxy Rocks-Engelman from CafeDirect, who explains how they were one of the first people working hard on behalf of coffee farmers. They’ve been at it for over 30 years so huge respect to this brilliant company.
It also features Matt Keniston from bio-bean who recycle used coffee grinds. #fascinating
Plus also Guillame Le Grand presents his ideas around shipping coffee under the power of wind. #brilliant
As a sailer, I can’t explain how much I’d love to be importing our coffee under sail!

Plus I chat with Will about our sustainable approach in the coffee sector and obviously my love for Jamaica Blue Mountain.

If you’ve read this far and you have a car journey or some spare time then please do take a listen to the podcast.

I learned loads from these other brilliant B Corp contributors.

I promise you’ll start to think about your morning cup of coffee differently.



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