The most beautiful looking and performing double walled coffee carafe

amamus double-walled coffee carafe

We searched all over the world for the very best coffee carafe that would not only present Specialty coffee beautifully but also improve the drinking experience.  Our journey led us to a couple of coffee-lovers in Boulder, Colorado who design and manufacture the Bolio double-walled coffee carafe.

Carefully crafted

Hand-blown from borosilicate glass, the carafe doesn’t taint, retain aroma nor easily shatter.  It keeps your coffee hot for up to an hour; and my goodness it’s pretty!

The carafe holds around 600ml of liquid, which is sufficient for 3-4 glasses of coffee

The bamboo lid is manufactured sustainably and has a silicon sheath, which is simple to clean

Bolio Carafe filled

Perfect for showcasing single-origin filter coffee

We really love filter coffee (brewed using a ‘second generation’ filter machine) as the extraction process presents all the regional character in superb quality Speciality coffee.  However, it’s always struggled to present itself as a premium serve option.  Well, here’s the answer!

amamus filter coffee

Official UK distributors

amamus are the exclusive UK supplier of this beautiful carafe and we hold stocks available for immediate delivery


Bolio 600ml double-walled coffee carafe: £45 plus VAT and delivery

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