Specialty coffee

Our green coffee sourcing programme involves purchasing small parcels of specialty coffee from talented producer partners around the world.

Coffee on demand and in your control

All our delicious coffees are available as part of a regular subscription to help clients reduce their admin. Or we supply ad-hoc when requested.

A certified Impact Business Model (IBM)

You will never hear us use vague terms like 'ethical coffee'. Amamus was awarded an IBM by B Corp for helping alleviate poverty. Moreover, Amamus is the only coffee company in the world whose sourcing strategy is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals .

Freshly roasted by hand

Our roasting team roasts each week on a Loring S35 Kestrel and a Probat P25.  These two machines use different technologies but are the best available for roasting high quality coffee in carefully controlled batches.

A delicious gift from nature

Eliminating single use plastic and reducing emissions

Coffee is delivered to London-based clients in returnable 5KG containers.  Our driver collects ’empties’ when we deliver fresh coffee in our own electric van.

We deliver nationally to clients via DPD using 2.5KG bags that we encourage clients to return for re-use.

Regional flavour and character

We source our coffee from around the world to offer an incredible range of single-origins and blends with a delicious variety of flavours.