Maintenance & Care

We offer fully-inclusive, reassuring packages of support for your coffee and filtered water equipment, whether you choose to lease or purchase outright.

A fixed cost of ownership

Our Maintenance & Care packages offer clients a fixed operational cost that can be budgeted from the outset.

Fully comprehensive

Your plan will include all scheduled maintenance activities, which is servicing, water filter changes descales etc. Plus any unforeseeable problems, such as breakdowns. All wrapped with our customer service package

A robust support system

We have used our experience to build and configure a bespoke and robust ticketing system to manage our support services.

Reliability and longevity

Client Knowledge Base

Our team has documented our experience over the years to build a comprehensive information portal to help clients resolve common problems quickly and efficiently 24/7.

We remove the stress from maintaining your valuable equipment

Whether you choose to lease coffee equipment or purchase outright, you will benefit from the same comprehensive Amamus support.

Each piece of equipment is uploaded to our system with all key dates logged with reminders to ensure you never fall behind on maintenance.

A hybrid model

We use a combination of our own internal coffee experts and our manufacturering partners’ engineering teams to provide full support and perfectly set-up equipment.