Coffee tasting events

We provide existing clients with bespoke coffee tasting events on their premises that help the team choose the coffee that perfectly meets their preferences

Fun, interactive and informative

We love to share the magical stories behind your coffee. Our events are the perfect opportunity to bring the team together for a delicious experience.

Events on your premises

Our event teams brings all our own equipment to brew a variety of delicious coffees from around the world.
Plus we bring a whole load of exciting educational stories explaining how coffee travels from crop to cup.

Choose your favourite style

Each of the world’s coffee growing region has its own character and flavour.

Give your team the opportunity to choose their preferred coffee bean

Events bring the excitement of coffee to-life

Portable espresso bar

Our professional espresso bar can be delivered and set-up anywhere with a 13A plug.  

The magical combination of traditional espresso and a professional barista will perfectly enhance clients’ special events.

We will configure an event to suit your requirements

We approach each coffee event individually and consult with clients to establish how we can maximise impact.

Almost nothing is impossible from roasting green coffee live on your premises to running latte art competitions to myth-busting…all for your team or clients.