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Office Barista Kit


Bring some flair to your workspace with our beautiful little Rocket Espresso barista kit. This inclusive package includes a single-group manual espresso machine, an electronic dosing grinder, Specialty espresso blend coffee, tasting cards and a barista starter kit. Everything you need to create top quality barista coffee and an authentic Italian coffee experience.

This robust machine is packed with smart tech and commercial-grade parts that will extract perfect espresso. With a little know-how you can create the full authentic range of popular barista-style black coffees or coffees blended with frothed fresh milk.

Designed for: the small adventurous office who demonstrates flair and style with full control over their espresso and frothed milk

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Our fully inclusive office barista coffee package is supplied with everything you need to create top quality espresso and silky steamed milk drinks in your office.

The Rocket Espresso Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Evoluzione Cronometro R is a domestic machine with an on-board water tank but it has a single copper boiler, PID heat-exchange system and commercial-grade rotary pump for pressure and temperature stability at the E61 group-head.

This Rocket Epresso machine and electronic dosing grinder is an exceptional value package that provides top performance.  The kit comes with everything you need to start pulling perfect shots Рjust add filtered water (and of course some barista talent!)

So sample the 3 x 500g of¬†Specialty hand-roasted espresso blends¬†and choose your team’s preference.

Order today and we‚Äôll arrange an appointment to deliver, fit and provide basic training for your team (we can’t promise to make you top baristas!). ¬†Plus our friendly team are on-hand to answer any questions, deliver more coffee or provide technical support.

Once you’ve tried the sample espresso blends provided with the kit then we’ll arrange an ongoing supply or volume permitting, we’ll create a bespoke blend for you!

What's included

  • Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Evoluzione Cronometro R machine
  • Rocket Espresso Faustino grinder
  • Tamping mat and Tamp
  • Milk frothing jug
  • Knock out box
  • 3 x 500g bags of speciality espresso blend sample coffee beans
  • Free delivery, installation and training (subject to location)
  • 1 year full parts and labour warranty

Experts advice

If your team isn’t highly engaged with romance and enjoyment of making coffee then I’d strongly advise you not to go for this package. ¬†Making espresso and frothed milk with a manual espresso machine can be messy, disheartening and involve a regular cleaning regime. ¬†If I haven’t put you off then this is probably for you.

When you’re confident, pulling perfect espresso shots and creating silky¬†microfilm with milk is a most enjoyable experience and can bond teams together. ¬†This machine is a delight to use. ¬†With its classic looks but top specification rotary pump, it can be either fed with filtered water from its on-board tank or mains supply via an in-line filter. ¬†Perfect pressure and temperature stability will extract delightful flavours from our supplied espresso blends.

This kit is designed to be shown off to visitors to your office.  But we suggest you give some consideration to the environment in which it will operate.  Ideally a small barista bar with a sink close-by and wipe-down surfaces and floor as it will create some mess.  You will need 2 x 3-pin sockets.

This isn’t a commercial grade machine in that the boiler is small so will lose temperature if you serve too many drinks quickly. ¬†Ideally the boiler will have around 30 seconds between each drink to come back up to full pressure if you’ve used steam or hot water. ¬†If you plan to use for higher volume activity then we can suggest one of Rocket Espresso’s commercial grade models to meet your needs.

These machines do carry a pressure vessel so you will need to speak with your insurance company to review their requirements for safety in your workplace.  They will likely request you have an annual inspection and service of the machine, which we can arrange.

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