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Region: Brazil Daterra | Nicaragua Las Nubes

A creamy coffee with notes of dark chocolate, pecans and jam are behind this blend of Daterra and Las Nubes coffees.

Daterra Grutta is produced from matured cherries that dry naturally while still attached to the trees of Brazil’s Cerrado region.

Las Nubes, named after the clouds that frequent the farms of Nicaragua’s Cordillera Isabelia, is the product of 20 local growers.

Specialty Grade Coffee with Impact

The Grutta is from Daterra – the world’s first B Corp coffee farm, Brazil’s first Rainforest Alliance Certified farm, and recognised as carbon negative. Las Nubes is sourced via Caravela, a B Corp and UN Climate Neutral Now accredited company.
  • 20 million trees

    Planting and restoring 20 million trees to increase carbon sequestration – Daterra

  • Preserving 3,250 hectares

    Preserving 3,250 hectares for environmental conservation only – Daterra

  • Fairer pay and above living income prices

    71 Nicaraguan producers receiving fairer pay and above living income prices for their coffee – Caravela

  • Improving internet access, agroforestry shade trees, and infrastructure

    12 Nicaraguan communities benefiting from initiatives that improve internet access, agroforestry shade trees, and infrastructure – Caravela

Impact story

We import Las Nubes via our partners Caravela, whose values closely align with our own. They are on a mission to support and empower smallholder coffee producers in Central and South America. In addition to being B-Corp certified since 2014, the company has held UN Climate Neutral Now status since 2020.

Through its Producer Education Program Team (PECA) Caravela works at farm level to assess factors such as education, gender equality, finance, and technology. It has a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery and child labour, and celebrates calls from the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) for the coffee industry to increase traceability and reduce deforestation.

Daterra Grutta is imported via our partners Daterra, who are at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. Already the world’s first B Corp coffee farm, Daterra’s impassioned and unyielding commitment to environmental conservation has now resulted in them achieving carbon negative status.

The farm’s dedication to carbon sequestration includes the planting and restoring of 20 million trees and the creation of 3 new water springs a year. It also donates excess solar power it generates to public institutions in the city of Patrocinio.

Precisely focusing our coffee impact

Rather than build our own impact goals we have used the United Nations’ framework of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide how we purchase our coffee. This enables us to align our impact with some of the biggest social and environmental challenges we face today.

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