Uganda | Midnight Flyer

Region: Uganda | Rwenzori region

A seasonal, single origin coffee with notes of milk chocolate, blackberry and black tea.

The Midnight Flyer coffee is grown in Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains. Cultivated by the Bukonzo tribespeople, they form a collective of 300-500 small-scale farms who are supported by Agri Evolve, a certified B Corp.

Specialty Grade Coffee with Impact

The Midnight Flyer is sourced from Omwani, partners of fair pay promoters Agri Evolve. Agri Evolve works with farmers across the Rwenzori region to improve overall coffee quality and farmer income.
  • 130,000 native shade trees

    130,000 native shade trees planted by Agri Evolve to improve biodiversity conservation and environmental resilience

  • 20,000 smallholder farmers

    20,000 smallholder farmers receiving training and resources on agricultural practices, leading to increased productivity and income

  • Certified with Rainforest Alliance

    12,000 smallholder farmers certified with Rainforest Alliance

  • 50/50 gender split

    50/50 gender split in Agri Evolve’s management team to ensure diversity and inclusivity at decision-making levels

Impact story

Our Rwenzori Midnight Flyer coffee is grown in the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda, affectionately known as ‘The Mountains of the Moon’. Stretching for 120km along the Western Border with the Democratic Republic of Congo, the arabica coffees in these mountains are proudly farmed by local Bukonzo Tribespeople, as they have been for centuries.

300 to 500 small-scale independent farms are collectively responsible for the beans that are ground to make our seasonal, single origin Rwenzori Midnight Flyer coffee. Each of these is taken to the Agri Evolve Washing Station for processing, an initiative that forms part of a wider project established by our import partners, Omwani.

Founded in 2016, Agri Evolve was born out of a recognised need to empower local farmers within the East African coffee producing industry. It was observed that while farmers had the means to grow coffee, they lacked basic harvesting and processing facilities. In addition, they were restricted to accepting low, cash-in-hand prices from local traders, leaving them no room to improve their product.

Thanks to Agri Evolve, farmers now have an outlet to sell their unprocessed crops for a fair market price. After the beans are washed, processed, and exported, all proceeds are directed back into the local community. Funding is then provided for education, new facilities, training, and equipment, to empower the farmers to increase their yield and enjoy greater profits.

Precisely focusing our coffee impact

Rather than build our own impact goals we have used the United Nations’ framework of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide how we purchase our coffee. This enables us to align our impact with some of the biggest social and environmental challenges we face today.

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