New reusable containers for more sustainable coffee

A sustainable approach to coffee

An exciting milestone to create a more sustainable coffee! Here are our new reusable containers in which we are supplying our Specialty coffee.  To date all clients have been supplied in either 500g or 1KG compostable bags.   Our investment in these new containers is big step as it allows us to remove the requirement for bags completely as the containers are returned to us be re-filled with freshly roasted beans on a four-weekly cycle.  The larger container holds 4KG and smaller one, 2KG.  Each year this new initiative will save thousands of bags that would find their way into landfill as our corporate clients tend not to have composting facilities.

Sadly we can’t supply all clients in these containers as the practicality of getting them back becomes cost-prohibitive – we’re now supplying 4 local clients in containers.  But we’re working on other ideas that might allow us to move away from compostable coffee bags completely for our national clients.

There’s still a long way to go until we meet our own super-sustainable objectives but we’re always thinking about how we can reduce our environmental footprint whilst supplying clients with a superb coffee service.

Some initiatives that we’ve already got underway:

  • Solar panels supplying power to our distribution and storage facility
  • Our team is cloud-based which means we work from home offices eliminating the need for daily commuting mileage (and vastly improving their quality of life)
  • We only buy Specialty grade coffee which provides a fair wage, dignity and pride to our farmers.  Here’s some more info on this
  • We use compostable bags where possible – and now of course our new re-usable containers

Areas we’re working to get sorted:

  • Recycling used coffee grounds into bio-power.  We’re currently speaking with a potential partner to pilot this idea
  • Off-setting the fuel used by ships to move the coffee from origin to the UK
  • Off-Setting the gas used in our machines to roast coffee

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