Improving your workplace in 2020 should start with great office coffee

Office coffee in the workplace

If you want to operate a successful business in 2020, amongst other things it is essential to create a workplace where staff morale is high and employees are motivated to achieve great results for you. 

Establishing a happy and productive workplace can sometimes be a challenge. However, if you are keen to try, please read on for some great places to start and to discover why great office coffee can make a real difference in 2020. 

Let’s start with great office coffee

Let’s begin with what we know best… office coffee! We couldn’t write this blog without mentioning what impact speciality coffee can have on your business environment. Ask yourselves these questions… 

  • Are your employees popping out most days and picking up a highstreet brew? 
  • Do you just buy whatever coffee is on offer in your local supermarket or wholesaler with not much thought to taste or quality? 
  • Do some of your employees bring in their own branded premium coffee? 
  • Does your coffee station just look a bit sad? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, chances are you’re not meeting the expectations of your staff or clients when it comes to the office coffee you supply. 

This can easily be changed… our starter packs are the ideal low-cost way to discover the benefits of specialty coffee. With commercial bean to cup coffee machines or ‘coffee only’ packages available next day, you can start wowing staff and clients with better business coffee almost instantly. 

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Alternatively, if you are looking for something a little more bespoke, then we can work with you and your team to provide a package and coffee blend that suits the needs of your clients and employees. Speak to us today >> 

Build better relationships 

Whether this is working relationships between management and staff or employees and their clients, improvements will unlock many benefits for you and your business. Here are some proven ways to easily improving relationships in the workplace:

  • Create a communal space – are your staff forced to sit at their desks at lunchtime, or feel the need to head out of the office most days? A study conducted by the National Charity Partnership showed that more than half of workers who were questioned (52%) never leave their desks for lunch. Having a communal space or dining area can encourage teams to communicate and will have a hugely positive impact on health and wellbeing. 
  • Ask for feedback – a study by Forbes has announced that “employees who feel their voice is heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work”. By receiving honest and regular feedback from staff that is then actioned you, stands the best chance of keeping your employees happy. 
  • Take some time out of the office – another study by Forbes shows that ‘79% of employees quit their job due to lack of appreciation.’ It’s very easy to get bogged down in all the corporate meetings and new business ventures that you forget to look after your most important assets, your staff! A monthly lunch out of the office, weekly breakfast club or some evening team building can make a big difference. Go on, spoil them a little!

Give your office decor a revamp 

If giving your office decor some TLC hasn’t been a priority in recent years, it may be looking a bit tired and unloved. Whilst this may not be at the top of your list, it can actually have a huge impact on the happiness of your staff. 

  • Add some life into your office – with the addition of some artwork and plants, it can all of a sudden make the office space feel much more inviting. 
  • Invest in some new equipment – are your staff constantly complaining of slow computer systems, uncomfortable chairs and the fridge being too small? These are quick fixes that will make a huge difference!

Improve client experience 

If your business relies a lot on you and your staff meeting clients at your office, then it’s important they feel well looked after. Consider some of the following factors in client satisfaction: 

  • Is your office easy to find and is parking made simple for clients?
  • What’s the experience like when they arrive? Are they greeted immediately?
  • Are they offered refreshments on arrival? (We’re talking about top-notch office coffee here!) 
  • Is the meeting room available and booked out for your meeting? Larger offices have meeting room booking systems in place to avoid any collisions and make meetings seamless. 

Ready to give your office a new lease of life? 

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration for the changes you can make in 2020 to improve your workplace. 

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