Gorgeous glassware: the double walled coffee glasses

Kinto Kronos double-walled coffee glasses

Our counterparts in whisky and wine have long recognised the value of glassware to enhance their drinking experience. We are delighted to present our Kinto double-walled coffee glasses as the beautiful alternative to the mug.  Each holds up to 200ml, which is the perfect serve for Speciality coffee.

bean-to-cup with double-walled glasses

Showcase your coffee

Glass improves your coffee drinking experience as it allows you to view the colour of your coffee, whilst drinking.  Whether you prefer a textured flat white or a clean filter coffee, made well it will have a beautiful aesthetic that needn’t be hidden.

Kinto Kronos double-walled glasses

Enjoy your coffee warm for longer

The double walls insulate and maintain the hotness or coldness of the drink for longer and keeps the outside wall of the glass at a comfortable temperature to hold. Did you know we also sell double walled coffee carafes? Find out more here >>

Engineered for enjoyment and practicality

Inner wall has an angle that is ideal for drinking all the liquid and double wall makes it look like the drink is floating
Double walls discourage condensation so your table will not get wet.  The moulded ring supports your fingers and makes the cup easier to hold while the round form provides stability.

Bolio with glasses


Double walled coffee glasses: just £10 each plus VAT and delivery

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