Our ex-demo Jura X8 needs a new home

Jura X8 for sale

Here for sale is our own Jura X8 machine that was new in April 2019.  As our well-looked-after demo machine she’s spent most her life in a box.  New from Jura this machine package is currently £2,645

Our machine here is for sale for £1,800 and the details specific to this machine are as follows:

  • As-new exterior condition
  • Sold with full Jura on-site service and parts warranty that expires April 2020 but can be extended with Jura by a further 12-months until the machine is 5 years old providing complete peace-of-mind.  If you experience any problems a Jura engineer will repair or replace the machine (we’ve never had any problems with the professional range of Jura machines)

This machine would suit a small to medium sized office who is looking for self-service top quality espresso-style coffee with or without frothed milk.  All black or frothed milk drinks are available at the touch of a button inc. Flat Whites, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano etc.

  • Machine can be controlled by Siri / tablet / smartphone for touch-free Covid-compliant operation
  • Suitable for serving up to 80 cups of coffee per day.  Can serve two drinks at the same time
  • Serves hot water for black or green tea
  • This is a completely self-contained unit and can be put anywhere in your office or reception – it doesn’t need to be sat in a kitchen.  No plumbing or other connections except 2 x 3-pin plugs.  It’s carries whole coffee beans, water and milk (see image below) and isn’t messy during operation.
  • internal cleaning takes a few minutes at the end of each day and is mostly automatic.

Delivery will be by mutual arrangement.  Depending on location I will provide either face-to-face training or training via Zoom.

I’ll throw in a kilo of our delightful hand-roasted Peru Specialty Espresso Blend for the lucky buyer!

Please contact Tim on 07940 164 954 to discuss purchase.


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