Why businesses should choose amamus when looking for Specialty coffee

Choosing amamus for Speciality Coffee UK

amamus creates bespoke coffee solutions for ‘mission-led’ businesses to improve their performance. But what does this really mean?

Joyful coffee experiences

Our clients are businesses who strive to be better and are considering how to improve their business performance each day. improved prospect conversion, improved client retention, enhanced team engagement, stronger corporate social responsibly credentials, strengthened community relationships are the typical markers we find in our ‘mission led’ clients. Your coffee story will have an impact in all these areas.

A consistent touch point

For many businesses coffee will be the first touch-point with their stakeholders. Coffee is enduring and highly experiential helping set the standards for the services you provide. So, whilst it’s often considered a cost to the business it’s rarely considered a valuable business asset that supports a strongly defined proposition.

Can we change this? We hope so as this the amamus company mission.

Hand roasted

We partner with highly-regarded independent roasters to transform our Specialty green beans by hand in small, top-quality batch-roasting machines, which allows us to carefully control the roast profile for improved taste. Plus we pack into compostable bags to reduce our environmental impact. In fact, all the coffee and packaging we supply can be disposed in your food waste. In choosing amamus you support a chain of businesses that are a force for good, right back to your coffee farmer.

Coffee with conscience

It’s clear that the sustainability agenda is critical for all of us. Each company needs to be  pursuing a sustainable path. Coffee is a particularly good way for a company to demonstrate their consideration for the environment; as globally it’s in a dire situation.

amamus has strong ethical values – we are B Corp certified. One of our key business objectives is to improve the opportunities and dignity for those in the coffee supply chain who are focused on quality. We also believe in our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. Our clients can simply ‘plug in’ to our credentials as we offer a unique service, which is bespoke Specialty coffees tailored to our clients.

amamus supplies the world’s finest coffee, hand-roasted within a tight ethical and sustainable package that is packaged into our clients’ own bespoke proposition. We are your expert coffee partner but it’s your coffee with your name on the bag.

Ethical sourcing

We source beautiful Specialty green coffee beans from all the world’s best growing regions that we roast and pack by hand. Unlike many coffee suppliers, we avoid commodity grade coffee and factory roasting where both taste and quality are compromised. All of the coffee we supply is Specialty grade, which means it meets particular criteria with regards to quality and taste. This coffee is grown by farmers who are paid a fair price, which benefits themselves and their communities. This is the only sustainable and fair method of producing coffee.

A simple change

It’s surprisingly easy to change your coffee supplier to amamus.

If you need an alternative coffee machine we offer clear advice that’s tailored for your business.  We arrange delivery of your machine, we install and we provide comprehensive training.

If you already have coffee machines, we’ll provide an inspection to ensure the water filtration and servicing is within specification and we’ll adjust the settings to ensure it’s making a perfect coffee.

We listen to your preferences and supply coffee samples for you to taste until you are completely happy with your blend or single-origin.

We write up a Service Level Agreement so we can monitor your machine’s servicing schedules and we can provide a high-quality, hassle free service.

Taste guarantee

We guarantee our coffee will meet your taste preferences – we’ll keep supplying alternative coffees until you and your stakeholders are 100% happy. After all, no two people’s preferences are exactly the same and people’s tastes change over time.

Fully supported

We provide our clients with expert advice, training and support. We also work with your team to ensure simplicity and consistency and continuity. Good coffee needs good machines to correctly extract the desirable soluble compounds. We provide expert advice on grinders, filter, barista and bean-to-cup machines depending on your operational preferences or capability. Our clients have told is that we make the complicated ‘pretty simple’.

We provide a comprehensive training package when we bring new clients on-board as we’re more interested in coffee quality than coffee sales volumes. It is our belief that our own success will only come from the complete satisfaction of our clients. As well as supplying new machines, we will take happily onboard your existing portfolio of machines to ensure that the water filtration and serving schedules are carefully followed. We have an engineering team who share our passion for great coffee and are on-hand whenever you have a problem.

Amamus has our ‘resource’ team who carefully track our client’s orders so we can help predict your coffee requirements. Seasonal changes and spikes in demand will all be anticipated to make our clients’ role easier and coffee one less thing to worry about. The longer you work with us, the better we’ll get at working with you.

A warm welcome

We would be delighted to welcome your team to our roastery for a deep dive into the world of Speciality coffee UK. You will meet our Master Roasters and see exactly how the coffee is roasted and packed. Plus learn to extract perfect espresso and filter coffee consistently on our demonstration machines. Coffee is our pleasure and luckily our business so if you share our passion for doing things well then please do get in touch.

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