Wentworth Coffee Bag

Wentworth Club

The UK’s most prestigious golf club

Located in Virginia Water, Wentworth club is one of the World’s most exclusive golf clubs and prestigious addresses.

Members expect extraordinary levels of service both on and off the golf course and this extends to the coffee.

amamus were invited to develop a strategy to align the coffee proposition with the ‘exclusive’ brand credentials of the club.  Our mandate was to improve the quality of the coffee, sustainability credentials and consistency across the estate.

  • Client

    Wentworth Club
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    Golf and Leisure
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    Espresso & Filter
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The Wentworth Blend

Amamus developed a bespoke blend of coffee for the members that would provide a quality and taste that can be enjoyed throughout the day and is also suitable for espresso and filter brewing.

We combined Specialty grade Brazil beans with a high quality Colombia sourced from a Community Co-operative with a delicious character and gentle acidity.

The Brazil and Colombia coffees are hand roasted separately to bring out their unique character, then blended, packed and delivered fresh.

Removing 000’s of single-use plastic bags

From the start of our relationship with Wentworth, we have supplied our freshly roasted coffee in returnable containers.  Each container holds around 5KG of coffee, which removes 5 plasticised foil bags, reducing their waste impact.

In a single year, together we will have removed at least 15,000 single use bags from the waste system.  Plus deliveries from the roastery are generally by electric vehicle.

We continue to work closely with the F&B team to develop new initiatives to reduce environmental impact including used coffee grinds recycling.

Coffee equipment and staff training

Amamus supplied brand new coffee equipment across the estate, including a blend of manual barista and bean-to-cup machines.

Our Head of Coffee provides regular team training and monthly quality audits to ensure consistently high quality no matter where you enjoy your coffee on the estate.

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