Specialty coffee, perfectly presented

We eat and drink with our eyes

This is why the presentation of your Specialty coffee makes such a big difference to the quality of the experience. Latte art doesn’t actually improve the taste of your drink but the presentation certainly improves the perceived quality of your coffee. Our counterparts in wine and whisky appreciate the value of quality glassware so our mission is to put Specialty coffee onto the this same stage it deserves.

Bolio filled

Filter coffee can be fabulous

At amamus we’re huge champions of the ‘new wave’ of filter coffee; but its quality and perception has long been sub-standard.  In the United States, filter coffee is on a huge growth trajectory and we understand why.  Your coffee and machine is vitally important – read here for more on why we’re so passionate about filter coffee.  However, if you’ve got these right then let’s showcase your fabulous coffee…

FETCO batch brewer angle

Bolio Designs double-walled carafe

Amamus are the exclusive UK distributor of the Bolio Designs double-walled carafe.  This beautiful piece of glass designed in the US by a pair of talented guys in Boulder, Colorado combines art and science.  We searched long and hard to find a carafe that showcases our filter coffee perfectly.  Here’s why we think it performs as brilliantly as it looks pretty on the table and we’re proud to have it available for clients

Bolio on tray

Why our Bolio Double-Walled Carafe is great

  • It is double-walled and therefore keeps coffee hot for up to an hour whilst the exterior remains cool to touch
  • It’s made from borosilicate class, which doesn’t taint with odour or colour
  • It can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • Ergonomic handle makes pouring a pleasure
  • It uses materials that are 100% recyclable
Product shot Bolio

We also distribute the Kinto Kronos range of double-walled glasses

  • Once again the double walled thermal design keeps your coffee warm
  • Your coffee looks like it’s floating in air
  • The ring supports your fingers for easy gripping, and the cup has an ideal angle for drinking
  • No condensation is formed, so your table will not get wet
  • These beautiful glasses are available in various sizes so you can use for chilled water and tea as well as coffee
Kinto Kronos

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