Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

At amamus we have just been asked by a partner what our stance is on Black Lives Matter.

As a B-Corp accredited company we take our behaviour and impact on society very seriously and have an Equality Policy in place, but we realise that this alone is not sufficient.

Of course we have discussed internally the recent events in the media; but we hadn’t considered publicly voicing our position on these high profile tragedies or the everyday acts of discrimination and recognise that staying silent is not the answer, particularly when we as a business are so vehemently opposed to any form of racism.

We started amamus with the aim of creating a business that would make our children proud.  We care passionately about the environment, social justice, opposing exploitation (we are working to ensure coffee farmers are paid a fair and just price for their beans), prejudice and racism.

Every decision we make as a business should help work toward a better planet and a better society.

This is an ongoing conversation that we will continue to have at amamus to ensure we are part of the change; we will continue to listen, learn and demonstrate through actions that black lives matter and are keen to hear what suggestions you have for businesses like ours to further contribute to this issue.

Tim & Binny (co-founders) on behalf of our team.

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