amamus launches new film to explain the art and craft behind hand-roasted coffee

Creating a film about hand-roasted coffee

In June this year amamus worked closely with Christian Brown from Giant Vision production company to capture the love, care and attention that goes into creating each bag of amamus hand-roasted coffee.  The amamus team worked closely with Christian in four locations over four days to capture all the original footage using some very expensive lenses and a lot of time in the edit suite (pictured). Filming involved running after sheep in a field to ensure they were looking the right direction, huddling on a freezing Bournemouth Beach at 7am to capture the team having their morning dip and shooting various doors opening and closing! 

In all seriousness, we hope we have created a film that allows our customers to see what we see – a team of individuals doing what they really love with dedication, care and attention. The result is the fab coffee we deliver to our clients. See the film here

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