amamus coffee fuels TOUR DE LAW 2020


? Coffee and cycling are perfect partners as ahead of your ride the caffeine not only provides a performance boost, but also the delicious taste of our Speciality grade beans is a great reward at the end of your ride!

? The amamus team is delighted to support this year’s Tour de Law event in support of Breast Cancer Now by providing huge discounts on our Speciality coffee taster packs to all competitors plus exclusive brewing and coffee prizes for the winners in two event categories.

☕️ This is a natural partnership as amamus supplies many of the top UK law firms with coffee machines and Specialty grade coffee that carries its origin story with pride.  We help law firms create improved working environments for their teams plus an improved hospitality experience in their office for prospects and clients.  Our services contribute to an improved workplace culture and improved client relationships.

✅ Coffee is often overlooked; but progressive firms understand that it acts as a clear indication of the care and attention offered by a law firm, creating differentiation and respect.

? amamus is a certified B Corp, which means we meet the highest social and environmental standards. Adopting our services transforms coffee from a business cost into a significant opportunity to strengthen your firm’s CSR credentials in an enjoyable and interesting way.

? PLUS we offer a simple direct-to-home delivery service so your team members can enjoy the freshest, tastiest coffee when they’re relaxing or working from home.

? We wish all of this year’s competitors the very best of luck in this year’s event and hope you enjoy our coffee.


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