B Corp

B Corp certification has become an essential part of the Amamus DNA.  When choosing new supplier partners we always start with the B Corp Directory.  Many of our clients are B Corps who have chosen us for shared values. Today the B Impact Assessment tool remains our operational framework.

Our approach

Amamus was founded as a ‘force for good’ in the coffee sector to addresses urgent social, economic, and environmental challenges. 

Our Impact Business Model offers fair and transparent financial arrangements.

For many farmers who sell their coffee into the commodities market, the price paid for their crop doesn’t even cover the cost of production. This has a terrible impact on the coffee growing communities resulting in poverty and a very low quality of life.

These economic challenges are further exacerbated by the unfavourable climate changes, which result in volatile weather patterns causing soil erosion, devastating fungal plant diseases and higher temperatures, which pushes growing up to higher altitudes and smaller farming areas.

We exclusively purchase Specialty grade coffee through fair and transparent financial arrangements. Our coffee procurement strategy means we are independently recognised by B Corp as an ‘Impact Business Model’ for alleviating poverty in vulnerable communities.

Our commitment to a clear vision for our team, supplier/client relationships, and low environmental impact aligns with B Corp certification criteria.

We actively seek B Corp Certified Supplier Partners

We prioritise B Corp certified supplier partners for their shared values and a commitment to a better future, which creates a strong foundation for creating value.

We are proud to be supported by the following B Corp supplier partners

Our B Corp journey

Amamus achieved B Corp certification in April 2020 with 83.1 points, becoming the third UK coffee company among 280 certified UK B Corps. 

During the Covid-19 shutdown, we used the time to gather information, completing certification in just six weeks. 

In April 2023, we successfully re-certified, improving our score to 96.6 points over three years.  There are now around 1,500 certified UK B Corps – we’re in good company!