About us

Founded in 2018 by Tim & Binny Wookey, Amamus was created to deliver positive impact that would make our kids proud.  We also really wanted to create a story involving extraordinary coffees.

From humble beginnings

Like many start-ups, Amamus was born in our garage fuelled by caffeine and ambition. However, our love affair with coffee goes back much further than our company’s launch date in 2018.

A degree project and a rare cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

Around 2000, co-founder Tim Wookey studied Product Design in Manchester. His final project featured an espresso machine made from sustainable materials.

In 2011, a gift of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee sparked the creation of Midnight Blue coffee, our first venture into the world of coffee. Initially aimed at the domestic market, it eventually gave way to our successful B2B operations, leading to the brand’s retirement around 2020.

Since the beginning of Amamus, our focus has been on sustainability,  business improvement, and growth through strong client and supplier collaboration.

Proud to have become who we are today

Today, unlike most specialty coffee roasters, we are unencumbered by domestic or retail operations. Our entire investment is directed toward creating impactful coffee experiences for our B2B corporate clients.

Our headquarters
Our showroom

Why the unusual name?

Amamus means ‘we love’ in Latin and this underpins who we are. We fell in love with the stories behind coffee.

Our ambition is to be innovative in the coffee sector and it’s our love for what we do that drives us to be the very best.

Our headquarters are located on a beautiful farm in the Candover Valley, Hampshire. Our green coffee sacks are stored in the farm’s old workshop. We share the farm buildings with Moon Roast, our coffee roasting partner and The Yard, a popular coffee shop.

For the convenience of clients, we also operate out of a stunning showroom in Clerkenwell. The Market Building is a collaborative space set in the heart of London’s design district. We share this space with a bunch of creative, talented, wonderful people.

The Amamus team

Meet our team members who share a commitment to extremely high standards and creating positive impact for our client partners.