Our Mission

We are extremely focused on what we know we can do well - we’re not trying to change the world or do too much; we want to keep it simple.

amamus supplies speciality coffee that helps fuel ambition in the most successful, values-driven organisations. We set new standards in quality, service and taste. By taking a bespoke, partnership approach we help like-minded companies bring their vision to life.

Our Approach

Our Approach

The amamus team is bonded by a friendship, a passion for beautiful coffee and a belief that by making moments more meaningful, we can improve clients’ business performance.

Together we bring expertise in marketing, branding, operations, commercial aspects of business and above all, the power of working collaboratively.

amamus means ‘we love’ in Latin and these two words underpin absolutely everything we do. Our ambition is to be innovative, disruptive and exciting within the coffee sector and it’s our love for what we do that drives us to be the very best.

Your Coffee

Meet The Team

  • Tim Wookey

    Managing Director & CoFounder

    After a fulfilling senior career in Marketing working both agency and client-side, it was time to follow my dream to build a business with some brilliant people, and to work in the coffee sector. My love of coffee developed from my time working for the wine industry where I realised that the coffee industry was very similar but terribly underdeveloped in terms of our general understanding around choice, quality, taste and sustainability. I listened to my head and heart and founded amamus with my wife Binny. Together we want to create something that makes us and our kids proud. I also proudly have a Professional Barista Diploma.

  • Binny Wookey

    Account Director & Co-Founder

    Having left the corporate world to raise three boys I started to explore work ideas with friends. Some of these friends needed coffee, which I was able to supply. Friends also became clients and together with Tim, we are following an exciting path as we build a business together. I am passionate about the safeguarding of the environment for my children and am determined that we can create a positive change with our actions. I enjoy cooking and love to explore the tastes of new coffees that will excite our clients.

  • John Edwards


    Working as a Marketing Director in the drinks industry I was fortunate to work with a great London agency led by Tim. A great business relationship morphed into a wonderful friendship helped by a mutual love of sailing. With extensive experience in the ‘craft’ beer and cider space I became excited about the 5th Wave of Coffee and was therefore delighted when Tim asked me to join him and Binny on their coffee journey in April 2018.

  • David Bence

    Commercial Director

    Having enjoyed working widely across the leisure industry for many years in commercially focussed roles, I was delighted to be asked by Tim and Binny in early 2019 to help them develop amamus. Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world and although the market is fiercely competitive, there will always be a place for exceptionally passionate teams to build businesses on the foundations of Knowledge, Passion and Service. The amamus team have those characteristics in spades and this team is an absolute joy to work with, putting client satisfaction at the heart of every decision can’t be a bad philosophy in my book.

  • Susie Stokes

    General Manager

    The majority of my career to date has been working as an HR Professional at Board Level in London. After 4 exciting years living in Singapore with my family, we returned to the UK and I was keen to find a fulfilling yet flexible role. Working here at amamus, I get involved in many areas of the business from operations to legal to HR, and have the pleasure of supporting a fantastic and busy team whilst drinking great coffee at the same time!

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