What is a business coffee service and why is it worth investing in?

Why invest in a business coffee service?

Considering a business coffee service? It can be tricky to know where to look and how to find the best option for your office. In this article, we look at some of stats around business coffee and how ‘proper’ coffee can really make a difference.

Let’s start with some facts* about UK business coffee consumption that may be interesting…

  • 44% of all coffee consumed out of home is drunk in the office
  • The consumption of coffee in UK offices is worth £212M
  • There are about 2.1M registered companies in the UK
  • The average person in the UK drinks 2.9KG of coffee per annum vs between 7-8KG in the rest of Europe
  • The coffee market in the UK continues to grow: +12% during 2018
  • About 70% of the coffee consumed is instant/soluble
  • During the last three years, the away-from-home consumption of instant/soluble coffee recorded a decrease. Instead, bean coffee recorded a huge increase as well the consumption of capsule coffee

*thanks to coffeebi for the info

So the facts tell a clear story

Office coffee is a big deal and it’s generally being done badly – but it’s an improving picture. We certainly meet lots of companies with the ambition to improve their coffee but don’t have the information nor expertise to make the right decision for their team. This is where amamus can really help.

Why is office coffee so bad?

In our experience it comes down to two simple truths:

  1. Coffee is generally viewed as an unpleasant cost that must be borne by the business
  2. Good coffee is considered the domain of speciality coffee shops – it’s a complicated business best left to the experts

Let’s consider these two statements in turn…

Bad coffee is indeed a tremendous cost to your business

Firstly your coffee makes a clear statement about the standards of your organisation. It’s a bit like restaurant toilets. Most people will visit them and if they are neglected, it begs the question ‘how well is the kitchen managed?’. Great coffee on your meeting room table tends to elicit a positive response.  It’s highly experiential so will impact on new prospects and clients by creating a more welcoming and enjoyable environment. Plus set expectations for how you approach business in all areas.

Poor quality coffee will often contain cheap Robusta beans, with twice the caffeine of Arabica. Whilst caffeine improves concentration and alertness, too much from one drink can cause edgy feelings and lead to a caffeine crash. Quality Arabica beans provide a gentle physiological ‘lift’ for your team through the day, improving productivity.

High roasted beans can contain Acrylamide, a carcinogen which develops when starches are over-roasted – just like burned toast. Poor quality coffee beans are generally taken to a high roast to disguise the unfavourable natural flavours, which creates health concerns for your team. Good quality coffee is best enjoyed medium roasted, which reduced the likelihood of dangerous chemicals forming in the bean as well as providing a delicious cup full of character.

If your team feel like they must leave the office to buy a decent coffee from the high street then there’s a time cost whilst they are away from their desks. Plus they will be paying a huge premium out of their taxed earnings.

Great coffee can be served in any office without a huge cost

It’s widely believed that a great coffee can only be prepared by a trained barista with expensive equipment. Whilst a barista can create a great coffee as well as bringing theatre and excitement, a manual barista set-up isn’t practical for most offices. The good news is that there is a huge range of economic bean-to-cup solutions that create fresh, quality espresso-based one-touch drinks. Quality commercial solutions start at around £1,800 and go up to over £10,000 depending on the specification and requirements. This is when getting the right advice from amamus is essential. If these costs are prohibitive or you need high volumes of coffee for larger meetings then filter or pour-over coffee can provide an elegant, ceremonial solution at a fraction of the cost.

Specialty coffee should be viewed as a business opportunity not a cost

amamus helps firms to develop a bespoke coffee story that improves the office environment both for clients / prospects and your team as well as strengthening your CSR credentials. Your own Specialty coffee that is ethically sourced from a distinct farm or origin tastes delicious and creates an interesting ice-breaker subject in your meeting rooms that helps set the standards your clients can expect from your business.

Let’s look at the numbers

Tempting new business into your offices with the promise of a superb ethical Specialty coffee could help you improve your prospect conversion ratio. The cost of a great business coffee service is relatively low versus other initiatives used to improve office environments such as refits; but very powerful when combined. The cost of serving a superb Specialty coffee is less than 40p per cup – a very economic new business driver.

If each of your employee drinks the UK average of 2.9KG of coffee per annum then it will cost your business less than £75 per employee per year to provide them with an exceptional Specialty coffee on-site, that is tastier, healthier and brings huge benefits to the farmers at origin who are paid a fair price for a quality coffee. This is much cheaper than lots of other employee engagement initiatives and can chime with an ambitious corporate social responsibility agenda.

The purchase cost of coffee machines can either be written down against tax and depreciated over a period of 3-5 years or you may wish to explore leasing options so you pay a low monthly cost each month.

It’s all about the right business coffee service and the right advice

This is precisely why we launched amamus – to provide our clients with the very best advice to support you to make the right coffee and machine choices. It’s not complicated for us because we invest very heavily in building our own knowledge and we have an exceptional network of specialist trade partners. We would be delighted to share our knowledge with prospects and we also have demonstration machines if you wish to trial the options.  We really do make great coffee simple.

If you need more advice on the advantages of a business coffee service, get in contact with amamus today to discuss your requirements…

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