Speciality coffee to enrich your business

amamus supplies hand-roasted Speciality coffee to deliver a delicious coffee experience for your clients and team in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

Enriching your client experience

Coffee is often the first contact between you and your clients and high quality Speciality grade coffee will serve to demonstrate the quality of your broader client service proposition.

Enriching your team experience

Speciality coffee within the workplace provides a natural stimulant that improves concentration and alertness and helps your team connect.

amamus are B corp certified

We created our business to be a force for good

As a certified B Corporation we are purpose driven to create benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. We believe we are all responsible for each other and future generations.

Our Packages

Every client we work for is different and our advice and bespoke solutions ensure your coffee experience is tailored to you.

To keep things simple we have also prepared some of our more popular machine packages and coffee only options.

Your Bespoke Coffee Journey

We do things very differently to other coffee suppliers. We create value for clients with a focus on the four following areas.

01. Specialty Sourcing

amamus source green coffee beans from all of the world’s best producing regions. We only buy specialty grade coffee – which is traceable and of superior quality and taste. amamus only supply great tasting business coffee that is purchased from people, farms and co-operatives who share our values of doing good in the world. We are therefore proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association.

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02. Hand Roasting

amamus is building the UK’s most talented network of independent local roasters. Our expert artisan team roasts coffee by hand in small batches – a combination of art and science, which means we roast to a profile that enhances all the flavour and regional character from each batch. We pack into our client’s own branded bags by hand.

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Fran roasting coffee beans

03. Perfectly Served

Whether your preference is a thick and creamy espresso or a light, bright filter coffee, we know the best coffee machines and can help you choose exactly the right machine to meet your needs. Our specialist engineers will install your machines, we’ll set up so it’s running perfectly then we’ll maintain for you - a genuine full service. Plus we have some beautiful glassware that showcases your coffee.

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04. Storytelling

We support our clients to connect their business coffee stories with prospects, clients and employees to create business advantage. We believe that a great coffee can be a particularly effective marketing tool for businesses.

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Our Mission

amamus coffee provides business coffee solutions that sets new standards in quality, service and taste. By taking a bespoke, partnership approach we help like-minded, ambitious companies bring their vision to life.

More about us

amamus in action

Midnight Blue Coffee started as our ‘side project’ and is the result of a deeply personal quest to create the world’s most luxurious coffee experience. We roast Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee in tiny quantities and release limited edition batches from time to time.

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