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At amamus we source and supply only hand roasted Speciality grade coffees and top quality equipment. We have learned there is more joy in coffee when it’s perfectly extracted and carries its origin story with pride.

At work

We transform workspaces with the aroma, flavour and provenance of Speciality grade coffee and top-quality equipment.

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At home

So This is Coffee is a curated range of Speciality coffees available as one-off or on subscription, delivered to your home.

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Coffee Events

Create a unique experience for your team or clients by learning more about the wonderful world of Specialty coffee

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We love helping people find more joy in their coffee; after all, amamus means ‘we love’ in Latin.

We are members of the Specialty Coffee Association as we believe in sustainable arrangements for coffee farmers. We are proudly B Corp certified, which means we meet the highest social and environmental standards. Our purpose is to represent a ‘force for good’ in the coffee sector.

  • The tastiest freshest coffee
  • Quality assured, Specialty grade beans
  • Farmers being paid fairly
  • Plastic free, compostable packaging
  • Offering a breadth of products and services
  • Acquiring expertise to offer the best advice
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Our mission

To create joyful coffee experiences from crop to cup by promoting the benefits and availability of exceptional Speciality grade coffee.


Whether you’re a values led business or a home coffee enthusiast, our creative approach, knowledge and breadth of coffee services will meet your needs.

01. Specialty Sourcing

Our green coffee beans are sourced from all of the world’s best producing regions. We only supply Specialty grade coffee, which is traceable and of superior quality and taste. amamus only supply great-tasting coffee that is purchased from people, farms and co-operatives who share our values of doing good in the world. We are therefore proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association.

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02. Hand Roasting

Our expert artisan team roasts coffee by hand in small batches – a combination of art and science, which means we roast to a profile that enhances all the flavour and regional character from each batch. We pack into special bags that are compostable at home and can be ink stamped or labelled with our corporate clients’ branding.

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03. Perfectly Served

Whether your preference is a thick and creamy espresso or a light, bright filter coffee, we love to offer advice and can supply exactly the right equipment to meet your needs. From high-volume workplace bean-to-cup machines, to a simple one-cup dripper, we supply and provide all the support required to get the best results from your kit.

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04. Storytelling

We are extremely proud of the coffee we serve - it’s grown in some of the world’s most beautiful locations by talented people whose stories we love to share. We believe in the power of stories and know that there is more joy in a cup of coffee that has an authentic, ethical and sustainable story. We help our workplace clients connect their coffee story with their business objectives and the coffee we send to homes or in a gift is always supplied with a story card.

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