Virtual Coffee Events

Coffee Break experience

Are you missing those coffee break moments with friends & colleagues?

Let us bring your teams together for a relaxed and much needed catch-up over a delicious cup of coffee. Our coffee professional will lead an insightful and entertaining session, focusing on the talent behind your perfect cup of coffee – from farm to cup and everything in between.

Brewing Workshop experience

Ever wondered what it takes to make a fantastic cup of coffee at home?

Not sure what equipment you need or how to use it? Then join us for a fun and informative brewing session with one of our coffee professionals who will show you everything you need to know to make great coffee at home, time and time again.

Coffee Discovery experience

Looking for a new and different experience for your team and clients?

Our Coffee Discovery event is a highly engaging, fun and informative session, carefully curated to showcase just how special and diverse coffee is from around the World. Join us for a tasting event like no other and discover why coffee is the World’s favourite and most exciting beverage

How Amamus have helped transform the workplace

Testimonial of Lou Webster

From the farm to your front room we’re bringing the exciting world of speciality coffee direct to your clients and teams. Virtual events don’t have to follow the same old tried and tested formats – join us to discover something innovative, exciting and delicious.

Lou Webster
Amamus Coffee & Events Partner
Testimonial of Carl Wilson

Wow! What a refreshing experience and a welcomed break from normal team building events. Tim, Binny and Louise did a great job and I would 100% recommended an Amamus Coffee event to any business looking for a unique and highly rewarding experience.

Carl Wilson


Our virtual or live events are a fantastic way to engage teams and clients using a creative, online format that brings people together around the World’s favourite beverage. Enjoy delicious coffee with expert tuition in the comfort of your own homes - what’s not to love?

Attendees should finish the session fully caffeinated and with a greater appreciation of a sustainable approach to buying coffee, the style of coffee they prefer and a thoroughly enjoyable new experience.


  • We courier your chosen amamus events pack to registered attendees in advance of the event, with instructions.
  • We email attendees with pre-event instructions and a Zoom invitation with your time and date.
  • An Amamus Coffee professional will lead your session teaching attendees how to brew, drink and enjoy better coffee with a multi-camera set-up to ensure the details are very clear.

COFFEE BREAK experience

Recommended number of people
Event timings
30 mins
Event holding cost
Cost per package (inc. DPD courier)
  • 200g of ground, seasonal coffee
  • Cafetière
  • Recipe brew card
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Recommended number of people
Event timings
45 mins
Event holding cost
Cost per package (inc. DPD courier)
  • 200g of ground, seasonal coffee
  • Precision digital brew scale
  • Hario V60 drip brewer, scoop and papers
  • Recipe brew card
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Recommended number of people
Event timings
60 mins
Event holding cost
Cost per package (inc. DPD courier)
  • 4 x measured portions of seasonal coffees
  • Fold-out placemat with coffee facts and tasting wheel
  • Professional stainless steel cupping spoon
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